5 Steps That Senior Travelers Can Take To Avoid Food Poisoning

5 Steps That Senior Travelers Can Take To Avoid Food Poisoning

A period of food poisoning is no doubt a miserable experience at any time. The experience is even worse if you are an old adult. Imagine having to suffer the pain when you travel. Good thing is, you can effectively avoid food poisoning when you travel. Without much ado, here are the steps senior travelers can take to avoid food poisoning. medicare supplement plans via https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/

  1. Drink safe water

It’s worth noting that not all countries have clean water supply. What’s more, there are some water vendors who simply refill empty water bottles with unfiltered water, which they collect from local taps. So, it’s not necessarily true that bottled water is safe. It’s advisable that you have with you water purification tools or tablets on hand if you are traveling to a country where water is unsafe or unfiltered. You should also be sure to take only bottled water with intact seals.

  • Pay close attention to the food you eat

To avoid food poisoning, you should be very cautious about what you eat when you travel. Avoid foods that have not been cooked properly as such foods may contain bacteria that may cause food poisoning. You should eat foods that are fresh and completely cooked. You should also avoid any uncooked food unless it is a type of food you can shell or peel. Again, be very cautious about ice cream because some vendors may not keep their ice cream chilled.

  • Practice thorough hand washing

When you travel, you will be interacting with your immediate environment and this involves touching people, animals, and objects. This means that you can easily pick up a microbe or bacteria. To avoid food poisoning, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before eating anything or touching any food. When washing your hands, be sure to apply soup and rub and scrub your hands well together without a hurry before rinsing with a lot of clean water.

  • Eat just smaller portions

Instead of eating bigger portions, you should practice eating smaller portions. This will help you a lot in case of food poisoning because the body is usually able to fight off food poisoning more effectively when it is affected minimally by small food portions. Be very careful where you buy and eat food Of course, eating the foods from the street is fun and makes you have that feeling of living like local people. However, some local vendors don’t observe hygeine and health standards. So, before you eat anything, inspect the hygienic condition of the vendor and the environment. The safest places to eat are high end restaurants because they are subjected to inspections that ensure they keep with global hygiene and health standards.