Watch Bones of Faerie book trailer and Win the Trilogy!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013       •       11 Comments

The war between humanity and Faerie devastated both sides. Or so 15-year-old Liza has been told. Nothing has been seen or heard from Faerie since, and Liza’s world bears the scars of its encounter with magic. Trees move with sinister intention, and the town Liza calls home is surrounded by a forest that threatens to harm all those who wander into it. Then Liza discovers she has the Faerie ability to see—into the past, into the future—and she has no choice but to flee her town. Liza’s quest will take her into Faerie and back again, and what she finds along the way may be the key to healing both worlds.

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  1. Nina McCord said:

    Perfect timing! I’ve just finished the Caster Chronicles series and was looking around for a new group of book companions :)

  2. Nina McCord said:

    Fab work on the trailer!

  3. Viki S. said:

    I’m not big on trailers but I did watch this one. It’s kind of sad when she holds her hand over the scratch marks on the tree. I have really enjoyed this series. Thank you.

  4. Veronica said:

    Great trailer.

  5. Artemis Grey said:

    Lovely trailer! I feel like it really capture’s Liza’s voice.

  6. Dawn Dixon said:

    An amazing journey. I loved books 1 & 2 – can’t wait to read #3.

  7. Dawn Dixon said:

    Powerful and thought evoking. Love this series.

  8. Dawn Meyers Dixon said:

    Enthralling and captivating.

  9. Dawn Meyers Dixon said:

    A delightful adventure that is entertaining and thought-provoking.

  10. Nikki H said:

    Love this trailer! Awesome!!!! Thanks for this chance to win such a great prize.

  11. Marge Pellegrino said:

    Great Trailer — don’t start reading late in the day if you need to get up early the next morning!

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