No Kiss Blogfest – A scene from my WIP

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So, I had this idea a while ago for a story. And I really didn’t know I could do it, in fact I rebelled against it. But by the time I knew it, it was haunting me. (I’m a photographer, after all.)  A month later and 13K+ words this idea isn’t letting me go.


So when my author buddy Frankie Diane Mills told me about her 3rd annual No Kiss Blogfest, I thought, “hey, why not?”

So, I am going to share with you an almost smoochie scene.  Be gentle with me, readers.


The branches parted for her, leading her way through the thick walls of forestry. The woods held her hand and guided her in, and through and to him  The wind carried her. The beaten paths un-curved and roots retreated back into the ground easing her way.  Sia found herself by the bend in the river. The water licking her way up the shore and up Alden’s legs that were dipped into the edges of the water.

The sun was retreating behind the hills –wrapping itself in its own personal blanket. Reading the land for sleep as well as it darkened. Alden would have only a few more moments left to draw and she hated to interrupt him. He looked so beautiful with a sketchpad in hand, his teeth biting his lower lip in concentration.

She knew he wouldn’t hear her, even without her invisibility. He wouldn’t hear her feet shuffle on the ground. He wouldn’t hear her heavy breathing from the hike over the hills to the river. He was too far gone into his masterpiece to notice.

She walked behind him and took off the spell. She leaned over him and whispered, knowing this he would hear.

“Draw me.” She whispered, her breath hot on his ear. He hadn’t heard her approach so he stiffened but didn’t move to turn.  He just tilted his head back to look at her  bending over him.

So close that he could have touched her.

 So close that he could have felt her breath on his face.

So close that they could have kissed.

But instead Sia heard his pencil move as it scratched its way up and down the paper. The pencil moved circles and lines across the page.  But his eyes strayed from her. They just raked over her face, memorizing her features. Sia didn’t dare move her body from the close proximity to his. She just placed her hand on his shoulder to brace herself and closed her eyes. She could almost feel his eyes on her. This close she could feel his body’s pull to hers.

He licked his lips, “Don’t move,” was all he said as the  sun fell and the night cloaked them further into darkness. Unable to touch her –yet  –only being able to draw her on his page. A page he could touch.

Sia resisted the urge to touch him. Though it would futile. She wouldn’t feel him for a few more days. She wanted to put her hands in his hair. To pull him into her. To have his mouth hot on hers.

It was such a painful ache  that she tried to quench it –ignore it, hide it –as Alden drew in the dark, his eyes never leaving her. Eyes that sought out her secrets. Her thoughts. Her whole being. He wanted to find her.

But Sia wasn’t ready for that. “Alden, we must stop. It’s too dark for you to even see the page.”

“Nonesense.” He wouldn’t be deterred so easily.

So Sia flopped in his lap, encircling his neck in her arms. Finally getting close to him.

“You are such a distraction,” he laughed.

“A good distraction, I hope.”

“Definitely good.” He nuzzled her neck. Wishing he could feel her. They had this gravitational pull two bodies had when skin was next to skin but the feeling of the touch was lost. A fathom of a caress. 

Sia hummed in his ear. Content to just be there with him. In his arms.

“Alden…” He looked up at her with eyes that shined  for her. Even in the dark.

She kissed him.

But like the empty way one falls in a dream so was her kiss. Seen. Heard. But not felt.

Only emptiness.


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