Book Trailer Campaigns – My thoughts & how you can have one

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To those who are not familiar with book trailer campaigns or really what they are here’s a quick rundown:

*Book trailer campaigns are a methodical way of not just bringing awareness to the book via a book trailer and content but…

*A way of teasing the book trailer that is teasing the book.

*Could include book teasers, teaser videos, author videos, photos, behind the scenes, etc.

*A good way to get people interested, excited and eventually talking.

Bottom line is by creating a plan and great content around it you’ll engage your fan base, gain a larger fan base, and by doing that you’ll get people interested in your book more so then if you had JUST a book or JUST an author video or JUST a book trailer, alone.

For example. recently I came across Hodder Stoughton’s really cool “campaign” (At least I think it’s a campaign) for Laini Taylor’s DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. I had seen bloggers get some cool packages leading up to an ARC mailing and then these cool trailers:

Team that up with a great and involved FB page and Twitter account and  you get people excited and a place for them to talk.


Granted, these campaigns have a team from the publisher working to come up with a plan and implement it. Marketing isn’t an easy job and those who’ve I’ve worked with are my rock stars. They work tirelessly and around the clock not just one ONE book but many books and many imprints and to be honest they deserve a round of applause. Like, every day.

But they also can’t do it all. There’s so many books and so many opportunities and sometimes it’s just not possible for every book to get a book trailer much less a campaign. I’ve been lucky enough to work on and have fun with a few books and their “campaigns.” Like last year’s BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS campaign which I work with the authors to design and implement. Also work with S&S and Cassandra Clare on CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS (the link shows some of the videos we did and not the overall plan that originated with the publisher).

Recently I worked with author Kody Keplinger to come up with a campaign for her sophomore novel SHUT OUT. (clicky link to see the rough outline of what we did). We used social media as much as we can (because, how can you not?) via teasers on twitter of pictures from the book trailer shoot or stills from the trailer. Kody made sure to post teasers from the book every day to introduce certain elements and the characters from the book, because really, that’s the most important thing in this whole equation. Over all, we had fun and gave away prints every day, some ARCs and a big giveaway at the end with the reveal of the trailer. Also, my favorite part -secret scenes she posted on her blog and a video of that scene (see the scenes and trailer).

As I mentioned earlier, marketing teams at the publishing houses are awesome and do so much but can’t do it all. So I can be a second pair of hands or even a helping hand (if that isn’t too self-assuming)…

-That means that if you book a trailer with me now through October (authors and publishers are welcome) you’ll get entered to win an EXTENSIVE campaign designed by me in collaboration with you (and your publisher).

-Meaning, we’ll come up with ways to do teasers in a new and cool way, maybe even extra videos… basically totally custom ideas for how to get your book’s trailer and your book to go go further.

-The more people that you tell, the better your chances are of getting one, because there’s a chance I can add a second winner.

-Those who book a trailer, automatically get bumped up from basic package to the GOLD one where you’ll get more use of my network to promote the book. (Pricing and Packages available upon request)


So, if you have questions, email me. If you want to know more, email me. If you want to book a trailer, email me. (email: vlcphotoproductions[at]

Keep in mind that your book DOES NOT have to come out anytime soon, not even this year. I will take books up until May.  I am felxible and I want to work with you to make this as easy as possible for you. Just ask Kody! ;)



Everyone else, comment below and let me know what you think, have you seen any successful book campaigns?


  1. Stacey said:

    I LOVE your book trailers! I hope I get to work with you someday. :-)

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  3. Carol Oates said:

    Your videos are always beautiful and I hope to get a chance to work with you one day. So, I better get back to writing. :-)

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