Book Trailers 101 – Part 1

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I will start this off by saying I am no expert in trailers and by no means do I know everything, and I might perhaps be wrong in some stuff but doing trailers now for over two years has afforded me some kind of experience. And knowledge. And since I am constantly online talking to the readers, the viewers, of these trailers, the buyers of the books whose trailers I produce, I think I might know a few things. And I’d like to share them with you.


So what is a book trailer?

Book trailers are a form of video that aims to promote a book, usually it’s for the young adult genre, but not limited to. Think movie trailer but for books (and on smaller budgets). Book trailers are meant to enhance the book. What I mean by that is that, that book trailers shouldn’t be the words from the jacket flap summary. It shouldn’t be just the cover animated. It should tease the book before its release. It should be something that the reader can’t get by looking at the book, googling it, or looking at the cover.

Book trailers are meant to get people excited about a book. Get people talking about the book before it’s release. No different then what movie trailers do for movies.

One thing that I see many readers and fans comment on is that the book trailers aren’t different enough from a jacket flap. Most likely by the time the book’s trailer comes out they’ve seen the cover and read the summary. Plus it takes less time to read 5 sentences then it is to watch a minute or two long video.

I learned over the months of producing book trailers that readers wanted different. I, as a reader, wanted different. Something to tell me even MORE about the book.

Many of the readers are teens, they have allowances, and they are careful about the books they select to use their money on. Book with trailers already are going to get their attention more so then those that don’t.
But what else does it take to get teens to buy the book?

Well, I put up a survey a few weeks ago and asked many what they do and don’t like about book trailers. While I may or may not agree with some of the comments I loved all the input they gave me. So I will start off a series of BOOK TRAILER posts on facts, do’s and don’ts, likes and dislikes. But it’s not just MY opinion… I want to hear from YOU readers, viewers, fans and buyers of these books.

Tell me…

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